Sometimes surprises of beauty appear with unexpected change

Horseshoe Bay does look different at the moment, as the clean-up has recently been completed from the wharf. There is a lot of extra sand on Horseshoe bay beach, and something a little unusual from the pristine sand, is a shoreline filled with scattered colourful pebbles. I couldn’t help but admire their colours, shine, different shapes, soft light & shadows.

As the restrictions have eased coming out of lockdown, it seems there is a new “energy” around, a sense of relief, appreciation, awareness & realisation can be seen in people’s faces and attitudes. For some people life is very different right now. I know it sure is for us. Our whole business is in the middle of restructure & growth, after packing our amazing little shop in Cobargo, (as a temporary measure), we have been 100% working from our home factory again, at least until a space feels right again from October.

How has this time changed you?

Jen x

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